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Catalytic Solution and Management Services Pvt. Ltd. ("Catalyst") is SEBI registered Portfolio Manager (INP000006004) offering portfolio management services to resident and non-resident domestic investors for investing in public equity markets under our flagship scheme "X plus Y".

Our Strategy

X plus Y strategy focuses on investing in mid and small companies which have the potential to outperform market leaders in their segments. The theme is based on our analysis which shows that whilst market leaders in a particular segment provide stability to valuations, smaller companies (“challengers”) in the same segment which have potential to grow faster, tends to outperform the market leader over a period of time. The superior returns are a direct result of:

X: faster growth in earnings of company compared to market leader; and
Y: reduction in valuation gap as the company catches up with market leader.

X is a function of competitive operating position in a growing industry, sustainable financial position, high quality management that provides opportunity to the company to outperform growth rate of industry as well as the market leader. This results in Y - considerable rerating of company stock due to increase in size of operations and attracting larger variety and number of stock holders which leads to liquidity premium. Within our focus areas across industries, we are seeing multiple stories where X plus Y strategy seems to be holding. We shall be adding promising companies which fits into our investment thesis.

Snapshot of our investment thesis

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